Propane Supply

Refilling your BBQ Propane tank at Island Greenery is more efficient and convenient.

propane-tankAt Island Greenery we refill your tank while you wait. The refilling process takes only a couple of minutes and is available 7 days a week (in season). Upon refill we thoroughly inspect your tank, checking for leaks to be sure you have a safe experience.

Things to Know About Your Propane Tank: 
All tanks expire in 10 years. The date can be located on the collar of the tank. If your tank if expired and cannot be filled Island Greenery can sell you a brand new tank that will be good for the next 10 years.

Island Greenery is capable of filling all size propane tanks including catering trucks and RV/Campers. We offer a variety of different size tanks that can also be purchased, if needed.



Facts: Refilling your tank saves you money. At Island Greenery we fill your tank to the complete legal capacity. (most tanks can hold about 20 pounds of propane)

Exchange: When you bring your tank to an exchange facility you leave with a tank that is only filled with 15 pounds of propane! These tanks are only ¾ filled (read the label!) Therefore you are paying for a full tank and only receiving 75% of the propane.