Weeding can be an enormous time-drain and is most likely the least liked gardening chore. What’s wonderful is that we have so many weed control methods to choose from; there’s a solution for every type of gardener and their schedule.  When it comes to vegetable gardening, however, more folks than not are very particular about what goes into their soil and onto their plants, as it will eventually end up on their plates and in their bodies. Here are some indisputable safe and effective ways to control weeds, chemical free, in your veggie or any other garden for that matter.

  1. Apply PREEN for Vegetables to prevent weed seeds from germinating (don’t use if direct seeding your garden)
  2. Manually pull weeds when the soil is wet
  3. Hoe when the soil is dry
  4. Mulch with natural Cedar Mulch which contains no weed seeds